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Rebecca Rose


Mushroom and Feta Quinoa with Pico de Gallo and Avocado

This is a nice summery recipe, that's so simple to make. High in protein, healthy fats and fibre! We love pico de gallo in my house. It's a classic Mexican salsa that's bursting with flavour and antioxidants and perfect to accompany lots of dishes (they don't have to be Mexican too)

Vegetarian | Easy | Prep time 10 minutes | total cooking time 30 minutes | serves around 2 depending on portion size


A handful of mushrooms (you can use any) I used chestnut mushrooms

Olive oil, salt and pepper

Half an avocado

A handful of coriander leaves chopped. Use the stalks too

Feta cheese

100g quinoa rinsed and cooked according to the

Pico de gallo

Some of my favourite flavours in pico de gallo.

High in antioxidants too!

1 onion sliced

1 medium tomato chopped into small pieces.

1 lime juiced squeezed

Himalayan salt (this is to cure it)

Half a jalapeño (or more if you like the fire)

Chopped coriand


Pico de gallo is so easy to make. I make it an hour or two earlier so that it cures and the flavours are released. I use very ripe red tomatoes and chop them into small pieces, then finely chop the red onions and a jalapeño.

Then place all the ingredients in a bowl or food container, and squeeze with lime juice. Chop the coriander while you let the tomatoes and red onion marinate.

When you're ready, cook the quinoa according the instructions. It should only take around 15 minutes to cook. You could also add a bit of stock for some extra flavour. Don't forget to rinse the quinoa beforehand.

Next, chop the mushrooms, rub a tbsp of olive oil, salt and pepper and grill for around 10 minutes. You want them tender and juicy.

If you're making a wrap:

When the mushrooms are ready, heat on a low heat a tortilla wrap in a frying pan (note: no oil required). This is a nice way to heat it.

Then you can start to add all your ingredients to the wrap.


Sliced avocado

Pico de gallo

Chopped feta cheese

Garnish with some more fresh coriander

Ideally we should be eating grains in their whole form but there’s no harm in having a wrap occasionally. I used wholegrain wraps, which I would recommend going for rather than a plain white wrap, as they are lower GI and have more fibre.

So what nutrients does this dish contain?

Protein: quinoa

Healthy fats: avocado, olive oil, feta

Antioxidants: coriander and tomato (lycopene)

Prebiotic fibre: red onion, garlic

Fibre: all the plants!!


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