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Rebecca Rose


Artichoke, Avocado and Legume Salad

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

This salad is full off gut loving properties. High in fibre, healthy fats and protein and great for a summer's day when you want something crunchy and refreshing.

Vegan | Easy | Prep time 10 minutes | no cooking time | serves around 2 depending on portion size


Brown lentils


(I used tinned for convenience, BPA free)

x1 avocado

Mixed leaves including butterhead lettuce and rocket


Mixed seeds: pumpkin and sunflower

Artichoke (from a jar)

Broccoli sprouts

Balsamic glaze or vinegar

Olive oil

A pinch of Himalayan salt and black pepper to season


  1. Add the mixed leaves to a bowl

  2. Top with the legumes

  3. Chop the olives and artichokes in half and add to the bowl

  4. Half the avocado, slice and place in the centre of the salad

  5. Top with broccoli sprouts and mixed seeds

  6. Drizzle some olive oil, balsamic glaze/vinegar

  7. Season with the salt and black pepper

This salad contains olives, olive oil and avocado. They're the good kind of fats. Fat often has a bad reputation, but it's the kind of fat we're consuming that's important.

Good quality fat is essential when it comes to balancing hormones, improving mood, memory, cognitive function, and skin health.Every cell membrane is made up of lipids and the body needs fat to function effectively. Fats help the body to absorb essential vitamins and form the building blocks of our hormones.

Artichokes are often a staple in my salads. They're not only high in fibre, but they contain compounds that help support the liver's natural detoxification pathways. Artichoke is also widely used as a cholagogue. A cholagogue is a substance that promotes the flow of bile from the gallbladder into the duodenum (part of the small intestine). This helps to remove harmful toxins from your liver


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