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Rebecca Rose


Health Benefits of Tomatoes

This juicy, red, fruit contains a powerful phytochemical called lycopene. Lycopene is a non-provitamin A carotenoid that is responsible for the red and pink colours found in tomatoes, pink grapefruit, and other foods.

Most studies have focused on lycopene derived from tomatoes.

It’s most abundantly found in overripe tomatoes and in their skin.

Gram for gram, the amount of lycopene in processed tomato products is often much higher than in fresh tomatoes.


Lycopene is a fat-soluble compound, so consuming it with fat increases its bioavailability.

For example, if you were to consume it with a full fat dressing containing olive oil for instance, then this results in higher blood carotenoid than eating a salads with reduced fat dressing.

Being a powerful antioxidant, it helps to protect the body's cells from damage.

It’s main health benefits are:

  1. Cardiovascular health (useful in high cholesterol and high blood pressure)

  2. Skin health

  3. Protection against environmental toxins



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